You are invited to come as you are.
We will start with a time of worship through music and prayer.
We sing to help us all remember truths about God, and we pray to express our hearts to Him.  
We then will take Communion.  This is a time in our service each week where we remember that Jesus died for our sins and rose to life again.  The bread and juice represent Jesus’s body and blood given for us.  You can take them from the tray as they’re passed, pause for a moment to reflect on Jesus’ love and sacrifice, then take them when you are ready.  Communion is available to everyone—but no pressure to participate if you’re not sure about Jesus. 
We then will have a sermon based on a passage from the Bible and an outline is provided in our connections so you could take notes.

If you have a child with you that is under the age of 4, we have a nursery staffed with loving volunteers to care for you child during the service. 
If you have kids with you from age 4 up to 5th grade they will be dismissed for Children’s Church as the sermon is started.  Children’s Church is located upstairs and we have great teachers that will help your kids feel welcomed.  Your kids are also welcome to stay with you during the service.